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A Grade (2022)

It may have taken two long years, but the Ouyen United FNC A Grade team finally gets their chance this Grand Final day to defend their 2019 Premiership and attempt to go back to back.

Introducing our 2020 A Grade Grand Finalists....

Casey Crothers.jpg

Goal Shooter
Casey Crothers


Do not underestimate this tall defender, the contest only makes her tougher in attack. Uses her height effectively under the ring but can out-position to stay front. 

Kyra Nathan.jpg


Kyra Nathan


The architect of the side. Always thinking a step ahead and creating the play. Intimidating and smart.

Tsharni Burns.jpg

Goal Keeper

Tsharni Burns


Gives it everything all the time. Reads the ball beautifully with timing and reach. A real presence to be seen and heard.

Alizah Parsons.jpg

Alizah Parsons


A good target in goals. Her positioning in the ring can be unstoppable.


Esther Manley.jpg

Goal Attack
Esther Manley


Rising to the challenge in GA, Essy is impressive every week. Brings a defender’s mindset to her midcourt pressure. 

Megan Jardine.jpg

Wing Defence
Megan Jardine


‘Head down, bum up’. Gives it her all and backs her teammates. A team player.

Holly Mazza.jpg

Holly Mazza


Tall and uses her big mitts to the team’s advantage in goals. Positions and rebounds well.

Caitlin Vine.jpg

Caitlin Vine

A versatile defender who oozes positivity and true Kangas spirit. Lifts everyone around her. 

Ellen Morrish.jpg

Wing Attack
Ellen Morrish

Moves at lightning pace onto the ring in a style that mimics her midcourt teacher and coach. Makes those around her seem slow in comparison. 

Catherine Brown.jpg

Goal Defence

Catherine Brown


Truly unmatchable work rate, just watch her feet move. Everything she does is calculated and deliberate. 2022 League R/Up Best & Fairest.

Taylah Willsmore.jpg


Tayla Willsmore

Named as the league GA of the year for a very good reason. Effective and influential, even from the bench! Her work has contributed to this Grand Final appearance.

Caitlyn Rampling.jpg

Caitlyn Rampling

Relentless in defence with eyes and aggression for the ball. Tough and determined.

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