Mrs Bobbie Stacey

- Granted 2015 / Ouyen United (Demons) Football & Netball Club Inc. -

When considering writing the intro for Bobbie's Life Membership two notations came to mind - Snap Happy and Money Hungry.

In early times Bobbie played numerous games of netball for Ouyen Rovers in the 80’s until she ceased playing in 1989 to commence her family.

Since the building of the new club rooms in 2003, Bobbie has been heavily involved with the organising and running of the kitchen, not only on a Saturday during game days, but also in coordinating the after game meals on a Saturday night.

In 2006 Bobbie expanded her photographing interests to the football field and perhaps in particular to some of the boys wearing the no’s 70 and 77.  With 10 seasons of footy behind her thus far, we estimate there to be between 60,000 – 70,000 photo’s stored across her various hard drives and many of which have adorned our club rooms over the years.

In 1998, with a 12 month old and under the presidency of Michael ‘Boozer’ Robertson, Bobbie was appointed as our club treasurer and has continued to hold this position for the duration of our club, with the exception of one year in 2009.

With the treasurer’s role accounting for almost half a million dollars in turn over each year, accounting for every single cent week in week out, not only during the season but also in the off season, it is a massive job.  

Not only does Bobbie manage to keep account of the football club finances, including gates, bar, lolly shed and kitchen, she also has to deal with our “farmer type” finances via our graincorp and share farming contracts and to give her a little bit more flavour and excitement, we even threw in some livestock accountability in the early years.

With her boys supporting her throughout her 17 years of service, it is not unlikely, on a Saturday morning to see one them, back pack on, bringing the gate till down to the ground via bike power.

With so many volunteer hours and with so much income generated year over year by volunteers it is essential that any club, and especially ours, has someone that makes us all accountable and is trustworthy enough to deal with such significant cash flow.

Congratulations, 2015 Life Member – Bobbie Stacey

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