B Grade (2019)

These B Graders are serious contenders for the flag this year. After huge wins in both the First Semi and Prelim, the girls are primed for another hour of utter domination on Grand Final day.

Introducing our 2019 B Grade Grand Finalists....

Goal Shooter

Holly Mazza


Deceivingly strong in the ring and able to pluck the ball from thin air against even the toughest defenders - they don't call her Big Mitts for nothing. Notorious for giving hugs at training and always sports a ripper tan.


Kaitlin Latta


The youngest and fittest member of the side continues to amaze each week as she runs out full games in Centre. She’s always an option and her drives down the court make her a reliable link between the thirds.

Goal Keeper

Zoe McSwain


Consistent defender whose talk and guidance in her third allows her to work seamlessly with her teammates. Despite injuries, she is light on her feet and able to get around even the most talented goalies.


Ella Hastings


Little pocket rocket who remains a reliable option in both the midcourt and defence. Her dedication to the game is something to admire and we know she gives 110% every time she steps on the court.

Team Manager

Fiona Sanford


The most dedicated Team Manager in SFNL – she travelled to the game in Underbool the day before giving birth to Harry! An incredible supporter of the side and the loudest voice on the sideline. We look forward to her return next season.

Goal Attack

Tayla Willsomore


Although her pre-season involved six weeks in Europe, Tay has returned in fine form and has brought a wealth of netball knowledge and composure to the young side. Her presence on the court brings the team calm and she rarely misses a shot. Also, great tan.

Wing Defence

Belinda O'Brien


Bob’s netball knowledge and on-court experience continues to be incredibly valuable for the team. Her ‘never give up’ attitude drives the rest of the gals to achieve great things. She is the toughest player on the court, and everyone is glad to have her on their side! Tan could do with some work.


Caitlin Vine


Worth her weight in banter and on-court chats, Caits provides a steady and reliable centre court option. She drives the ball down to attack with her patient style of play which sets the team’s steady possession game up beautifully


Chloe Latta


She’s the first off the bench to hand out the water bottles and is a huge contributor both on and off the court. Continues to develop each week and is certainly one to watch in years to come.

Wing Attack

Laura Hayter


Laura rounds out the most beautifully tanned attack in the SFNL. Able to consistently use her speed to leave the quickest WDs in her tracks. She feeds the ring beautifully and the composure she has developed coming into finals sees her as an incredibly valuable and reliable attacker.

Goal Defence

Esther Manley


Hard working with a fierce eye on the ball at all times in both defence and attack. Easily matches it with physical opponents and is certainly no pushover. As captain, she’s the voice of reason and able to steady the side when they get a bit excited. Always impressive. League B&F!!


Lauren Grace


Confident and smart netballer who’s developing into an incredibly strong player. Reliable at both ends of the court and her ability to perform under pressure is admirable.


Lyndal Munro


The calming influence and glue that holds the Bs together. Smooth operator whose basic, patient and possession style of netball has seen the team turn it on in finals. The girls’ development this season is a credit to Lyndal and everyone is thankful for her guidance and dedication.

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