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AJ Wisneske Memorial

Reserves Most Valuable Player
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AJ Wisneske story

Criteria for Award

Each member of the RESERVES squad is asked to vote on who they believe is the best candidate to receive the AJ Wisneske Most Valuable Player Medal on presentation day.


This medal is a PEER nominated award and each reserves player who has played 3 or more games for the current season, in the reserves, is eligible to nominate any player who has played 6 or more Reserves games this season.


A couple of things that have been brought to our attention about the way AJ went about his footballing career that the committee believes should be considered when the you cast your vote are:

1. Mr Reliable - In every aspect of the way that they approach football and the club, you know you can always rely on them

2. A True Mate - There for their teammates both on the ground and off.

3. Determined - Gives 100% at every opportunity and goes above and beyond what is asked week in week out.

4. Team mate - Has the ability to bond a team through passion, laughter and simply getting in and getting the job done.

AJ Wisneske 11 August 1986 - 30 October 2014



Anthony 'AJ' Wisneske

Club of Origin

Walpeup Underbool

Role at Club

Was a valuable player for WU playing numerous senior and reserves games.

Reserves Coach (2014)


Very passionate, his player addresses were legendary! Played his sport with a great attitude

Current Club Connections

Donna Wisneske (mother)

Floss Wisneske (aunt)

Candice Beasley (cousin)

AJ Wisneske Memorial Reserves Most Valuable Player
Honour Board
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Andy Rowan

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Matthew Brown

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Matthew Brown

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Matthew Brown

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