A Grade (2019)

The A Graders certainly upped the intensity coming into the finals, and with two nail-biting finishes so far we're sure to see them put on an entertaining show for us again in the Grand Final.

Introducing our 2019 A Grade Grand Finalists....

Goal Shooter

Ashlee  Morrish


Passionate player who uses her body well in the goal ring. Long range shot a weapon under pressure.


Kyra Nathan


Clever and experienced, thinks about the game on the next level. The most influential and intelligent player in the SFNL. 2019 League B&F!

Goal Keeper

Tsharni Burns


Spiritual leader of the side. Vocal and positive. Intercept queen with impeccable timing and control.


Esther Manley


Calm and reliable. Uses her height and strength to out-position her opponents in both goal circles.

Goal Attack

Casey Crothers


Uses her height and defensive skills to the team’s advantage in attack. Accurate and determined.

Wing Defence

Ellen Morrish


One of the highest work rates of any player in the league. Never gives her opponent a break, insatiable hunger for the ball.


Tayla Willsmore


Casual demeanour, fierce competitor. Her accurate shooting and slick moves make her a gamechanger.

Team Manager

Megan Jardine

Team statistician who also provides excellent courtside banter. Currently sidelined due to participation in the Kangas Breeding Program.

Wing Attack

Bree Lacey


Gives it everything and never afraid to show her emotion while leading the team. Beautiful drives onto the ring.

Goal Defence

Catherine Brown


Strong and knows how to take a hit. Eyes always up and reading the play. Quiet but deadly.


Laura Hayter


Lightning fast hand speed. Slots well into the attacking end to feed the goalers with precision passes.

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