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Mr Gordon Pickering

- Granted 2015 / Ouyen United (Demons) Football & Netball Club Inc. -

Gordon Pickering needs no introduction to the Ouyen United Football & Netball Club Inc. (Ouyen United Demons).


He has been associated with Ouyen United since our formation in 1997 and his commitment and dedication to our Club has been done purely and simply off his own back, with no other family involvement and for the betterment of our club and it’s continued on field success.

More often than not life memberships are awarded to football and netball players that have significantly contributed to the game as a player, a coach, a committee member or in some other official capacity.  This award is not based on these traditional achievements, but rather for an unselfish dedication to the well-being of both the football and netball players of our club.

Week in week out during the football season, throughout the cold winter training nights and Saturday game days, Gordon is always there rain hail or shine.  Always arriving well before the under 16’s commence, even if it was at Jeparit, the southern-est most region of our playing area and is usually always the last to leave, after all the players have been iced, had their post-game rub downs or their tape removed.

Any sore muscles, tweaked hamstrings, dickie knees or crook shoulders – per-game or post games 'Picko's magic techniques have often been the difference between players getting up for the upcoming weeks game or missing the next few weeks. 

He doesn’t discriminate who he treats, be it a netballer, a footballer, a supporter or an opposition player, he always has the time to put the injured first…even to the point of running onto the field more recently at the game in Sea Lake for an injured Giant or back in the olden days when he fixed the buggered knee of a current committee member whilst he played for our neighbouring rival club.

At times, his dedication to Ouyen United has meant that he has sacrificed time with the family and important farming commitments, like halting the tractor when cropping to go to training or forsaking the chance to go and buy lambs in Jamestown with Donnie Pohlner, because he HAD to be at training to make sure that all the guys where well prepared for the upcoming grand final.

There wouldn’t have been a goods and services auction in the past 20 years where by a scenic joy flight hasn’t been offered and Picko's generosity to the club and causes close to his heart were on display earlier this year during the reunion weekend when he offered flights on behalf of the North West Trekkers.

Gordon's unique dedication to the club is equally matched by the support and strength of his wife who is also the first to games on Saturdays and has to sit and wait in the car until the last footballer has left the change rooms.

Spectators rarely see his hard work and dedication on the ground, but it is the players inside the sheds, on the fields and the courts that truly understand and appreciate just how much Picko does for our club.

This award does not do justice or even begin to replicate your time and dedication to our club or the number of players that your healing hands have helped throughout the past 18 years.

Congratulations 2015 Life Member – Gordon Pickering

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