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Kangas Kick is BACK....

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Ouyen United Football & Netball Club Inc. is pleased to announce that out Kangas Kick program will commence for 2019 on April 25th, 2019 at 4:30pm under the guidance of Mick Pole.

The Kangas Kick Program is a junior football development program offered by the Ouyen United Football & Netball Club Inc. which enables 5 - 11 year old boys and girls to learn all aspects of Australian Rules Football (AFL) in a fun, safe and easy environment. Through weekly coaching sessions they will learn the skills of the game in an exciting, social and safe environment.

Children will learn the fundamental motor skills vital for future physical activity and sport participation as well as learning how to interact with other children as part of a team in small group activities.

Kangas Kick will run during Term 2, beginning April 25th at 4:30pm and will continue to be held each Thursday afternoon, for the following 10 weeks.

Location of the Kangas Kick program will be dependent on other training requirements and will either be at Blackburn Park or at the Underbool Recreation Reserve. These details will be updated via our Calendar of events closer to appropriate dates.

Participants must be 5 years of age before April 30, 2019 in order to participate in this program. We also ask that parents and caregivers are also available during these training times to work with our Kangas Kick Coordinator to help aid in running drills on a regular basis.

This program is offered free of charge to participants and registration forms will be available via our website at from April 15th.

Edit (18 April 2019): Registration forms now available at:

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