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Introducing the 2019 Ouyen United Football & Netball Club Inc. Committee

At the Annual General Meeting, held on Wednesday October 10th, the 2019 Committee for the Ouyen United Football & Netball Club Inc. was elected by those in attendance.

2019 will see a few new faces mixing in with those returning from 2018 and the Club would also like to thank those stepping down from the Committee for their hard work and dedication over the past 12 months (Tony, Bobbie, Nathan and Riley).

Also elected was the executive for the forthcoming season.

President - Mal Crothers Vice President - Jarrod Munro Secretary - Janine McLean Treasurer - Paul Wisneske

General Committee: - Jamie Latta - Tsharni Burns - Simon Brown - Andrew Willsmore - Stephen O'Callaghan - Scott Brown - Dean Jardine - Ray Morrish - Raelene Vine - Fiona Sanford - Maddy Morrish - Ricky Lynch - Melinda Clarke - Matt Brown - Ashley Corbett - Ryan Monaghan - Peter McCarthy

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