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Results & Awards - Round 3 vs Merbein

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Our Netballers had a great day over at the courts Saturday getting a few wins on the board in our senior teams. Our juniors although not taking home the chocolates still put up strong competition. The U17 1s had their first win of the season along side B and C Grades. The 17s had a great energy starting the game with the ball moving freely down the court and great defence getting a few intercepts.

C Res girls mean business this year and you can see the determination in their eyes. Although being down a defender the girls played a strong hard game and Annies accuracy with on point in the ring. With a 7 goal come back, another 2 minutes on the clock and we might have just got the win.

C Grade were strong stepping out on the court and did not disappoint. Zoe and Maddy meshed beautifully in defence and our speedy mid court gave the opposition no mercy. A great game and well deserved win for the Kangas.

B Grade had a nervous start but the defensive efforts made it hard for Merbein to get the ball down the court. Tayla and Pauly worked hard and combined well in the goal ring. Everyone's fight for the loose balls provided advantages for the Kangas on the scoreboard.

The reigning A Grade prems had a speedy start to their game with Cat getting some great intercepts and Merbein showing signs of being rattled. Half time changes gave the girls some fresh running legs and it was great to have Tsharni and Casey's positive voices back out on the court. Kangas ended up with a convincing win in the end and some sun struck faces.

Our Junior footballers played some exciting matches making up for last time after the week off. Perfect, sunny conditions greeted the players and there was lots of good marking and accurate goal kicking.

U16s were valiant in defeat against Merbein's quick side. Joel Grace played a great game with a dominant second quarter keeping the Kangas lead going into half time. Billy Cattanach and Jai Grayling ran themselves ragged and applied themselves strongly through the match. Thank you to the Merbein players who helped fill our side.

U18s had a slow start to Merbein coming out strong kicking some early goals. Jarn Clarke converted his push in the back free kick into a goal and despite the Milde boys being dominant, Merbein held the lead at half time. The fourth quarter saw a complete turn around, Sam Magnisalis was elegant in defence, Liam Vine and Joel Grace were able to goal to win the quarter but unfortunately the Merbein boys still took home the 4 points.

The Reserves had a hard-fought win over the ladder leaders despite having a few key players out. The Kangas kick the first goal thanks to Tyson Manley but missed other opportunities to put Merbein under more scoreboard pressure. Both sides fluffing their forward 50 entries to leave it a goal a piece at half time. Tate Hulland, Toby Harker and Adam Morrish found plenty of the football as they controlled their positions. The Kangas ran out 20 points victors in the end and are sitting pretty in the top 2.

The Seniors were gallant in defeat to Merbein. The Kangas led all day until a clutch set shot put Merbein ahead by 4 points in the dying moments. Ouyen came into the game with plenty of height but Wal Bradys speed did some damage early booting four first half goals off the wing. Dean Jardine, Ouyen's Co-Coach was positive despite the narrow loss saying it was a 100% improvement from Round 1.

(Full write ups are in the North West Express)

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