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Results - Round 12 v Wentworth & District (6 July)

Round 12 saw us travelling interstate to Dareton to take on Wentworth.

While there were some thrilling wins in the Under 18s footy, and A, B and Under 15s netball, the highlight of the day had to be the Reserves. With youngsters like Billy Latta and Matty Brown unavailable, some 'older' blokes had to come out of retirement to fill the side, accompanied by some other 'out of form' footballers who also helped bring the numbers up. Thanks for showing us what true Kangas spirit is all about!

One of the Seconds' big recruits, Trent Crook



Ouyen United (13.12.90) lost to Wentworth (21.12.138)

Haeuslers Best on Ground - Luke Stanbrook

Totally Work Wear - Jake Cresp

Poole & Jackson - Alexander Morrish

North West Ag Services - Simon Brown

Ouyen & District Plumbing - Mark Jamar


Ouyen United (1.2.8) lost to Wentworth (19.16.130)

Hilltop Motel Ouyen Best on Ground- Tim Weir

Nev Hamilton Engineering - Todd Barker

Petstock Mildura - Andy Rowan

Nandaly Community Hotel - Nic McKay

Euphoria Hair & Beauty - James Morrish

Under 18s

Ouyen United (7.10.52) defeated Wentworth (5.11.41)

Ouyen Concrete Mix Best on Ground - Ben Morrish

The Farm Protectors - Conor Schultz

North West Butchers - Ryan Mudge

Shaddock Seed Cleaning - Jack Deale

Pengelly Electrical - Darcy Cresp

Under 16s

Ouyen United (2.7.19) lost to Wentworth (10.14.74)

Sunrise Ag Best on Ground - Brock Milde

BR&C Agents - Sam Scott

Ouyen & District Freight - Zane Booth

Corbett Rural Supplies - Caleb Farnsworth

Cattanach Earthmoving - Joel Grace

Under 14s

Ouyen United (6.6.42) lost to Wentworth (7.7.49)

Mildura Finance Limited Best on Ground - Samuel O'Shannessy

Shaddock Freight - Jai Grayling

Elders - Jonty Pengelly

Under 12s

Glen Devon Encouragement Award - Lachie O'Callaghan

Horizon Grain Encouragement Award - Kiara O'Reily

Under 10s

Bow Bakery Encouragement Award - Adam Goddard

Glencore Grain Encouragement Award - Oliver Brady


A Grade

Ouyen United 45 def Wentworth 40

Haeuslers Best on Court - Ash Morrish

AJ Gloster & Sons - Tsharni Burns

B Grade

Ouyen United 38 def Wentworth 26

Ouyen Steel Best on Court - Zoe McSwain

Mole Industries - Laura Hayter

C Grade

Ouyen United 21lost to Wentworth 48

Crowe Horwath Best on Court - Darcie Jordan

Ouyen IGA - Annie Brown

C Reserve

Ouyen United 15 lost to Wentworth 43

Vic Hotel Ouyen Best on Court - Maddy Hastings

May's on Oke - Brenda Murphy

Under 17 (1)

Ouyen United 47 def Wentworth 42

Karingal Contracting Best on Court - Sophie Nihill

Munros Transport - Chloe Latta

Under 17 (2)

Ouyen United 59 lost to Wentworth 55

Mallee Building & Electrical Best on Court - Lucy Hill

Intersport - Mia Hulland

Under 15 (2)

Ouyen United 29 def Wentworth 16

Ouyen Auto & Electrical Best on Court - Jade Eeames

Prolube Lubricants - Milla Searle

Under 13 (1)

Ouyen United 12 lost to Wentworth 53

Plumbtech Best on Court - Kodie Scott

Heenans Caltex - Emily Birch

Under 13 (2)

Ouyen United 15 lost to Wentworth 43

Mallee Route Cafe Best on Court - Sienna Hulland

Monaghan Logistics - Regan Eames

Under 11 (1)

Ouyen Tyre Centre Encouragement Award - Brooklyn Singleton

Greggs Laser Electrical Encouragement Award - Isobel McVicar

Under 11 (2)

Lowes Petroleum Encouragement Award - Ruby Clarke

Vallance Constructions Encouragement Award - Jessica Lynch

Well done to all award winners, and thanks to our sponsors.

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