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Results - Round 14 v Red Cliffs (20 July)

Round 14 saw both the Seniors and A Graders maintain their hold on the Tony Cua Cup, with both teams taking commanding wins over Red Cliffs at Underbool. Wins in several other games (Under 18s and Under 14s footy, 17 (Div 1) netball) also boosted the day, while some other sides lost by the smallest of margins.

The Under 13s are getting through each week with very few players, and in Round 14 the Div 2 side was made up of mostly Under 11s. Thanks to the younger girls for stepping up and showing great courage and skills for the Kangas.

Bec Vallance and Jules Woodall battle strong defenders in C Grade's one goal loss to Red Cliffs



Ouyen United (15.13.103) def Red Cliffs (8.8.56)

Haeuslers Best on Ground - Aron Morrish

Hilltop Motel - Mark Jamar

Nandaly Community Hotel - Luke Stanbrook

North West Ag - Dean Jardine

Vic Hotel Ouyen - Ben Mole


Ouyen United (6.8.44) lost to Red Cliffs (10.10.70)

AJ Gloster & Sons Best on Ground - Darren Latta

Laser Electrical Ouyen - Kyle Monaghan

Euphoria Hair & Beauty - Adam Weir

Petstock Mildura - Andy Rowan

Intersport Mildura - Jim Wakefield

Under 18s

Ouyen United (19.16.130) defeated Red Cliffs (0.2.2)

Ouyen Auto & Electrical Best on Ground - Dillen Brown

Lowes Petroleum - Ben Morrish

Ouyen Tyre Centre - Liam Munro

Vallance Constructions - Bailey Pengelly

Munros Transport - Conor Schultz

Under 16s

Ouyen United (3.3.21) lost to Red Cliffs (7.14.56)

Mildura Finance Limited Best on Ground - Heath Smith

Prolube Lubricants - Caleb Farnsworth

Corbett Rural Supplies - Tyler Dummett

Monaghan Logistics - Brocke Milde

Ouyen IGA - Jarn Clarke

Under 14s

Ouyen United (10.5.65) def Red Cliffs (2.0.12)

Cattanach Earthmoving Best on Ground - Jack O'Shannessy

Karingal Contracting - Jonty Pengelly

Mallee Route Cafe - Blake Smith

Under 12s

Heenans Caltex Encouragement Award - Corbin Copeman

Ouyen Concrete Mix & Hire Encouragement Award - Billy Cattanach

Under 10s

BR&C Encouragement Award - Kai Wethers

Mallee Building & Electrical Encouragement Award - Will Pole


A Grade

Ouyen United 51 def Red Cliffs 30

Haeuslers Best on Court - Catherine Brown

Landmark - Ellen Morrish

B Grade

Ouyen United 27 lost to Red Cliffs 31

Ouyen Bus Lines Best on Court - Kaitlin Latta

Ouyen & District Spraying - Esther Manley

C Grade

Ouyen United 29 lost to Red Cliffs 30

May's on Oke Best on Court - Annie Brown

Watson Transport - Millie Gibson

C Reserve

Ouyen United 19 lost to Red Cliffs 41

Ouyen Mallee Bakery Best on Court - Alyce Mason

Plumbtech - Kate Stone

Under 17 (1)

Ouyen United 53 def Red Cliffs 21

Poole & Jackson Best on Court - Lauren Grace

Elders - Greta Hayter

Under 17 (2)

Ouyen United 25 lost to Red Cliffs 45

Horizon Grain Best on Court - Lucy Hill

Glen Devon - Natia Birch

Under 15 (2)

Ouyen United 20 lost to Red Cliffs 39

Shaddock Seed Cleaning Best on Court - Chloe O'Brien

The Farm Protectors - Courtney Maynard

Under 13 (1)

Ouyen United 28 lost to Red Cliffs 31

Pengelly Electrical Best on Court - Kate Stone

Ouyen Steel - Kodie Scott

Under 13 (2)

Ouyen United 16 lost to Red Cliffs 27

Ouyen & District Freight Best on Court - Bridie Clarke

Sunrise Ag - Eleanor Lynch

Under 11 (1)

North West Butchers Encouragement Award - Millie White

Nev Hamilton Engineering Encouragement Award - Ave Wakefield

Under 11 (2)

Shaddock Freight Encouragement Award - Breanna Dummett

Ouyen & District Plumbing Encouragement Award - Harmony Goddard

Well done to all award winners, and thanks to our sponsors.

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