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Results - Round 15 v South Mildura (27 July)

Round 15 was a renaissance of sorts for the mighty Kangas, as we saw legends such as Harry Latta, Billy Latta, Jasper Munro and Kyra Nathan take out awards across the senior grades. It's great to see our more experienced players having a red hot go and leading by example!

In the A Grade the girls went down by 6 goals in a fiercely contested and physical match, while the Seniors missed the opportunity to do some serious damage on the scoreboard, booting 19 points and taking a 14 point victory over South.

The Unders 16s came within 2 points in a thrilling finish. Well done to the boys and their coaches Ben and Todd for such a great effort against the Dogs who sit three spots above them on the ladder.



Ouyen United (10.19.79 def South Mildura (10.5.65)

Haeuslers Best on Ground - Jacob Grigg

Elders - Ben Mole

Ouyen Community Club - Alex Morrish

BR&C Agents - Darren Latta

Euphoria Hairy & Beauty - Samuel Mead


Ouyen United (8.4.52) lost to South Mildura (8.17.65)

AJ Gloster & Sons Best on Ground - Travis Latta

Nandaly Community Hotel - Jasper Munro

Patche Pub - Andy Rowan

Pengelly Electrical - Conor Schultz

North West Ag - Toby Harker

Under 18s

Ouyen United (13.11.89) defeated South Mildura (11.7.73)

Ouyen IGA Best on Ground - Conor Schultz

Glen Devon - Tate Hulland

Ouyen Mallee Bakery - Ben Morrish

Mallee Building & Electrical - Ethan Deale

Mallee Route Cafe - Casey Mitchell

Under 16s

Ouyen United (5.7.37) lost to South Mildura (6.3.39)

Karingal Contracting Best on Ground - Caleb Farnsworth

Laser Electrical Ouyen - Kynan Milde

Ouyen Auto & Electrical - Joel Grace

Sunrise Ag - Zane Booth

Plumbtech - Aden Pengelly

Under 14s

Ouyen United (1.3.9) lost to South Mildura (8.10.58)

Shaddock Freight Best on Ground - Joel Grace

Landmark - Will Nihill

Shaddock Seed Cleaning - Jack Wisneske

Under 12s

Horizon Grain Encouragement Award - Jim Vallance

Mildura Finance Limited Encouragement Award - Frankie Gloster

Under 10s

Bow Bakery Encouragement Award - Rory Nihill

Ouyen & District Plumbing Encouragement Award - Charlie Floyd


A Grade

Ouyen United 51 lost to South Mildura 57

Haeuslers Best on Court - Kyra Nathan

Poole & Jackson - Ashlee Morrish

B Grade

Ouyen United 23 lost to South Mildura 37

Pengelly Plumbing Best on Court - Esther Manley

May's on Oke - Caitlin Vine

C Grade

Ouyen United 34 lost to South Mildura 48

Petstock Mildura Best on Court - Darcie Jordan

Munros Transport - Julia Woodall

C Reserve

Ouyen United 21 lost to South Mildura 30

Vic Hotel Ouyen Best on Court - Nat Conroy

Ouyen & District Spraying - Danielle Shaddock

Under 17 (1)

Ouyen United 28 lost to South Mildura 54

North West Butchers Best on Court - Chloe Latta

Heenans Caltex - Lauren Grace

Under 17 (2)

Ouyen United 18 lost to South Mildura 47

Mole Industries Best on Court - Hollie Munro

Ouyen Tyre Centre - Jaimie Darley

Under 15 (2)

Ouyen United 24 lost to South Mildura 28

Ouyen Steel Best on Court - Lilly Cattanach

Nev Hamilton Engineering - Chloe O'Brien & Mia Hulland

Under 13 (1)

Ouyen United 11 lost to South Mildura 55

Intersport Best on Court - Ruby Pengelly

Lowes Petroleum - Emily Birch

Under 13 (2)

Ouyen United 14 lost to South Mildura 33

Cattanach Earthmoving Best on Court - Maya Scott

Ouyen Bus Lines - Mia Grayling

Under 11 (1)

Vallance Construction Encouragement Award - Ava Wakefield

Findex Encouragement Award - Breanna Dummett

Under 11 (2)

Monaghan Logistice Encouragement Award - Lucy O'Shannessy

Ouyen & District Freight Encouragement Award - Eliza Wakefield

Well done to all award winners, and thanks to our sponsors.

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