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Results - Round 17 v Mildura (10 August)

The Seniors are keeping their finals hopes alive, with a win over Mildura in Round 17. Still sitting just outside the four by a mere 1.6%, the boys need to finish the home and away season strongly to give themselves every chance of playing in September. The Under 18s are continuing to impress and are looking pretty good to finished second, after a 24-point victory. The Ressies played well to pull off a win and while they've only got a game left this year, it's great to see improvements still being made in the side.

A and B Grade have secured fourth and third respectively, and Saturday's games showed the skills and force we can expect from both teams when they play at Blackburn Park in the First Semi Final. A heartbreaking 1-goal loss for the Under 17 (Div 1) side has ended their finals hopes for this season, however despite the outcome it was positive to see the girls happy with how they've played all year.

BOG Jimmy Morrish in action in the Reserves



Ouyen United (12.15.87) defeated Mildura (6.6.42)

Haeuslers Best on Ground - Andy Jardine

Findex - Jake Cresp

North West Ag - Dean Jardine

Petstock Mildura - Mark Jamar

Nandaly Community Hotel - Jesse Vallance


Ouyen United (8.8.56) defeated Mildura (3.7.25)

Poole & Jackson Best on Ground - James Morrish

North West Butchers - Adam Weir

Patche Pub - Declan Anderson

Vic Hotel Ouyen - Toby Harker

Ouyen & District Plumbing - Tim Weir

Under 18s

Ouyen United (7.12.54) defeated Mildura (3.10.28)

Elders Best on Ground - Liam Munro

Pengelly Electrical - Nic Stone

May's on Oke - Ethan Deale

Shaddock Seed Cleaning - Jack Deale

Mallee Route Cafe - Bailey Pengelly

Under 16s

Ouyen United (2.10.22) lost to Mildura (9.14.68)

Ouyen Auto & Electrical Best on Ground - Darcy Cresp

Laser Electrical Ouyen - Heath Smith

Mildura Finance Limited - Joel Grace

Sunrise Ag - Sam O'Shannessy

Landmark - Kynan Milde

Under 14s

Ouyen United (4.2.26) lost to Mildura (10.14.74)

Vallance Construction Best on Ground - Jack O'Shannessy

BR&C Agents - Caleb Farnsworth

Mallee Building & Electrical - Ned Scott

Under 12s

Plumbtech Encouragement Award - Kyle O'Brien

The Farm Protectors Encouragement Award - Roy Grayling

Under 10s

Ouyen & District Freight Encouragement Award - Jack Mellington

Totally Workwear Encouragement Award - Kai Wethers

The Under 17 (Div 1) fought valiantly but went down by 1 goal to Mildura


A Grade

Ouyen United 49 defeated Mildura 24

Haeuslers Best on Court - Ellen Morrish

Ouyen Steel - Kyra Nathan

B Grade

Ouyen United 34 defeated Mildura 25

Horizon Grain Best on Court - Tayla Willsmore

Heenans Caltex - Kaitlin Latta

C Grade

Ouyen United 30 lost to Mildura 41

Ouyen & District Spraying Best on Court - Annie Brown

Euphoria Hair & Beauty - Darcie Jordan

C Reserve

Ouyen United 15 lost to Mildura 18

Monaghan Logistics Best on Court - Brenda Murphy

Ouyen Mix Concrete & Hire - Julia Crook

Under 17 (1)

Ouyen United 42 lost to Mildura 43

Ouyen Bus Lines Best on Court - Lauren Grace

Corbett Rural Supplies - Lauren Grace

Under 17 (2)

Ouyen United 25 lost to Mildura 41

Karingal Contracting Best on Court - Indie Wisneske

Lowes Petroleum - Mia Hulland

Elders - Georgia Latta

Under 15 (2)

Ouyen United 17 lost to Midura 36

Mallee View Hotel Best on Court - Kylie Leviston

Intersport - Imogen Hastings

Under 13 (1)

Ouyen United 14 lost to Mildura 54

Ouyen Tyre Centre Best on Court - Kate Stone

Mole Industries - Ruby Pengelly

Under 13 (2)

Ouyen United 9 lost to Mildura 23

Munros Transport Best on Court - Sienna Hulland

Ouyen IGA - Regan Eames

Under 11 (1)

Prolube Lubricants Encouragement Award - Brooklyn Singleton

Ouyen Community Club Encouragement Award - Maggie Smith

Under 11 (2)

Pengelly Plumbing Encouragement Award - Breanna Dummett

Ouyen Mallee Bakery Encouragement Award - Claire Latta

Well done to all award winners, and thanks to our sponsors.

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