Results - Preliminary Final (7 September)

Saturday's Prelim at Sarah Oval proved to be a great one for Kangas netballers and fans alike.

A Grade hit the ground running and although Irymple came close in the last quarter, they Swallows never once had the lead on the scoreboard. Some big hits early in the game brought the vocal crowd to their feet but to the credit of the Ouyen girls, their physical and mental strength was sharpened with each knock. Cumulative efforts from the side enabled each team member to play their own role and really limit the opportunities for Irymple all over the court.

In a display not dissimilar to their First Semi effort, our B Graders absolutely dominated to win by a staggering 17 goals over Wentworth. Lyndal's girls took a little while to get their heads properly into the game but once they found themselves, there was no chance for the Roos to come close. The sheer enjoyment from the Kangas was palpable, with smiles, bum taps and high fives really showing the cohesion of the side.

It's going to be a busy week of GRAND FINAL preparations for the mighty Kangas with THREE SIDES playing!!

Co-coach Kyra moves the ball toward the Kangas' attacking goal circle

A Grade

Ouyen United 49 defeated Irymple 44

Ouyen True Power Best on Court - Casey Crothers

Greggs Electrical - Catherine Brown

'Slappers' Maddy and Amanda were under decidedly less stress when they did the scoreboard for B Grade than when they did it for A Grade!

B Grade

Ouyen United 46 defeated Wentworth 29

Nandaly Pub Best on Court - Laura Hayter

Ouyen Auto & Electrical - Esther Manley

Well done to all award winners, and thanks again to our sponsors.

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