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Under 18s (2019)

Our Under 18s finished second on the ladder in 2019 but after a commanding 81-point win in the Second Semi Final, they sailed straight through to the Grand Final, making them not only our first junior side to make finals but also our very first premiership contenders this season!

Introducing our 2019 Under 18s Grand Finalists...

Photo 5-9-19, 4 57 04 pm.jpg


Bailey Pengelly


Calculated and composed, peer voted captain for a reason. Leads from the front on the inside and the outside. Big future ahead.

Photo 12-9-19, 4 56 41 pm.jpg


Darcy Kerr

Speedy wingman who continues to improve. Excellent tackler who loves to keep the pressure on the opposition.

Will Torpey.jpg


Will Torpey


Ultimate team man. Often sacrifices his own game to nullify oppositions key forwards. Loves to run straight lines and back himself in.

Darcy Cresp.jpg


Darcy Cresp


One of the youngest players in the team but always willing to put his body on the line and lead the way. Very versatile, can play back, mid or forward.

Photo 12-9-19, 4 59 14 pm.jpg


Heath Smith


Big bodied midfielder who loves a contest. Had a big season playing various roles, a very good ball user.

Photo 12-9-19, 6 27 14 pm.jpg


Jack Deale


Complete footballer. Height, speed and agility makes for an almost impossible match-up in the midfield for opposition

Casey Mitchell.jpg


Casey Mitchell


The bull. Sets the tone through the midfield with his attack on the football and the man. Best tackler in the club.

Lachie Comrie.jpg


Lachlan Comrie


Hard nosed defender, never takes a backwards step. Also creates a lot of drive with run out of defence.

Dean Jardine (Coach).jpg


Dean Jardine


Still an exciting quality Senior player for the Club. Demands and has the utmost respect from the U18s. Has challenged the boys the entire year and now getting the rewards from each and every player individually and as a united team.

Ben Morrish.jpg


Benjamin Morrish


Natural leader, who sets the example with his work rate and hardness at the contest. Always gives 100% and fights until the end.

Ethan Munro.jpg


Ethan Munro

Clever crumbing forward. Always in amongst it and regularly laying tackles and kicking goals..

Photo 12-9-19, 7 01 11 pm (1).jpg


Jesse Lynch


Inside midfielder that brings great pressure around the contest, great skill but unfortunately missed most of the season due to a back injury

Tyson Manley.jpg


Tyson Manley


Pacey wingman with a nice left foot. Plays his position well and brings good defensive pressure through the middle.

Ryan Mudge.jpg


Ryan Mudge


King of forward line pressure. Very quick and another great tackler. Perfect small forward who loves to celebrate a goal.

Photo 12-9-19, 4 57 19 pm.jpg


Conor Schultz


Massive talent. Runner up league leading goal kicker from the centre. Will also float back and control the tempo of the game if needed.

Lockie McCormack.jpg


Lockie McCormack


Power forward who always gives a good contest. Leads up well and if he doesn’t mark he brings it to ground for his teammates.

Dillen Brown.jpg


Dillen Brown


Excitement machine. Clean and catlike, loves to apply pressure and is super skilled on both sides. Hits the scoreboard regularly.

Photo 12-9-19, 6 57 06 pm.jpg

Assistant Coach /

Team Manager

Darren Smith


Has a great relationship with the players and calls the game how it is. Has worked with these boys for 3 years and watched them grow.

Oscar Smith.jpg


Oscar Smith


Has had a massive season in the ruck. Always giving his onballers first use and very good around the ground himself. Will rest forward and take a big mark.

Liam Munro.jpg


Liam Munro


Exciting running back, with height, speed and confidence. Makes the perfect modern-day footballer. Provides a lot of forward drive.

Tate Hulland.jpg


Tate Hulland


Runner up League medallist says it all. Plays the toughest position on the ground at CHF. Provides a big marking target and loves crunching packs.

Nic Stone.jpg


Nicolas Stone

Swing man, enjoyed various roles this season and play both ends very well. Hard running wingman with speed and skill.

Photo 12-9-19, 4 59 26 pm.jpg


Reece Anderson


General down back. Excellent defender and intercept mark. Smart with the football in hand. Always looking to turn defence into attack.

Brad Marks.jpg


Bradley Marks


Very clever defender. Uses his body well and often matched up on oppositions most dangerous small forward. Loves to switch and run.

Photo 12-9-19, 6 26 59 pm.jpg


Ethan Deale


Super talented. Can play either end and is tall, agile and clean with the football. Very damaging player.

Nic Erhardt.jpg


Nicholas Erhardt


Great competitor that always gives his all. Can play both ends and is a much-improved player.

Photo 12-9-19, 6 57 21 pm.jpg

Assistant Coach /


Jarrod Munro


Also has a great relationship with the players. Plenty of finals success under his belt and has always got a move up his sleeve.

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